Active Injury Rehabilitation

Being in chronic pain and discomfort does not have to be your new normal.


You can return to pain-free living, or at least measurably reduce the amount of discomfort you experience performing everyday tasks. During your session you’ll work with an experienced Trainer to stabilize your core and increase your overall strength & endurance, all while recovering your range of motion. At Prime we are dedicated to getting you back to daily activities, both for leisure and at work. We want you to feel better than “better”, we want you to feel good!


Meet Dale

He had a remarkable recovery working with the Prime ACTIVE REHAB team after a cycling accident


I was introduced to the professionals at Prime a few months after my release from GF Strong rehab hospital (where I spent 5 months after suffering Traumatic Brain Injury (aka TBI) in a cycling accident. I was admittedly in pretty rough shape when I began coming to Prime; my injury initially left me unable to walk or stand unassisted for prolonged periods of time.

This was rectified within a few months of working with Sheila and the other excellent trainers. In addition to the trainers' outstanding knowledge of physical training, my recovery gains were boosted by constructive, supportive attitude of staff and other Prime clients.

I look forward to many more years and more recovery gains as a satisfied Prime client.

Our focused exercises are designed to get you back to your pre-injury lifestyle. We provide each client with the tools and knowledge to continue improving their condition for the long-term.

Let's get you healing strong