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High Level Professional Programming

We know you're not the same as everyone else. And neither are we.


Our Team is All Experts.

We have a deeply knowledgeable team that are able to skillfully coach you into a stronger, happier & healthier version of yourself. Whether you have a weight loss or a specific fitness goal in mind, or are unsure how to move past old health habits that have kept you stagnant, the heart of our success is in the hands of our supremely skilled, compassionate and talented team of Personal Trainers.

Vancouver Personal Training

"I would highly recommend the Prime Team. I have worked with many trainers in the past and they are seriously the best trainers in the business." *

Deepak Shares His Transformation

Personal Training

This is where the detailed, and efficient work gets done. Working one on one with a fitness professional that knows you & your body is the best way to stay on track with your goals. You'll be kept accountable & focused.  It really is never to late to be your Prime.


Semi-private HIIT Conditioning

Small group personal training is an efficient, fun and effective way to supplement your training program. You'll be guided through a smart, powerful calorie-scorching, muscle toning session with an expert trainer, designed to elevate your resting metabolism for the rest of the day. Using HIIT (high intensity interval training) we are able to deliver a potent & results-driven workout, even when you're short on time!


Active Injury Rehab

Most of us have experienced an injury that has affected our day-to-day lives. Injuries are frustrating, and often times disheartening. We get it, and we are here to help you bounce back. Our experienced team of kinesiologists know how to work with you in a specialized way that will help you recover faster, and stronger.

Vancouver Personal Training

"I have lost 30 pounds and gained the confidence and freedom to do just about anything I want athletically!" *

Learn How Catherine Lost 30+ lbs!