Dale - Amazing Progress after a Cycling Accident


I was introduced to the professionals at Prime a few months after my release from GF Strong rehab hospital (where I spent 5 months after suffering Traumatic Brain Injury (aka TBI) in a cycling accident. I was admittedly in pretty rough shape when I began coming to Prime; my injury initially left me unable to walk or stand unassisted for prolonged periods of time.

This was rectified within a few months of working with Sheila and the other excellent trainers. In addition to the trainers' outstanding knowledge of physical training, my recovery gains were boosted by constructive, supportive attitude of staff and other Prime clients.

I look forward to many more years and more recovery gains as a satisfied Prime client. *


4 x/week Personal Training/Active Rehabilitation


Persevered through a life-threatening injury
Is now walking and improving his left side mobility everyday!


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Nathalie Lost 45+ lbs!


I have always been an active person, however as my career took off so did my weight! Joining Prime Strength + Conditioning in March 2014 was my decision to get back to where I wanted to be and I haven't looked back. Jesse took me on as a client and I have been so pleased with the quality of Prime's service delivery. Jesse really cares about his clients and has done a great job at creating an "average joe's gym" feeling where everyone and every body type is accepted while also maintaining high quality of service to achieving targeted personalized goals and objectives.

My initial goal was to lose weight, 30 lbs, and re-shape my body and so far I have blown my targets away and lost over 45 lbs! I plan to keep on pushing myself past all of the milestones I never thought I'd meet. Jesse helped me take one step at a time and more importantly is helping me work through the fears we put on ourselves that cripple us from reaching and doing more than we ever thought possible! 

~ Nathalie *


3 x/week Personal Training


Lost 45+ pounds!
Feel fitter than ever!

Tina has found Renewed Motivation!


As a mother of two young children, it is easy to be busy taking care of others, running kids around to various activities and losing track of time. But as I realized it was also very easy to lose track of yourself and prioritize yourself last. After my second child, I found it difficult to juggle my personal fitness and health goals because of the busy and somewhat chaotic schedule of family life. I thought I could do it myself, I constantly would tell myself next week I will go to the gym, or maybe tomorrow...It took me almost three years and a fitness level that I was ashamed of before I knew I had let things go too far for my comfort and I needed help.

Now, my next challenge was finding someone, a personal trainer that could help me set and accomplish my goals. I was lucky, Prime Fitness was just around the corner! My experience with the trainers at Prime have changed my life and my outlook on my personal limits. Not only have I set goals and accomplished them with the help of my trainers, Cait and Sheila but I have a renewed motivation and drive that helps me be my best! Sheila and Cait, you guys are amazing at what you do and thank you for all the support and for keeping me challenged! *


2-3 x/week Personal Training


Lost 15 pounds, 5% body fat
Confidence and a new outlook on fitness!


Deepak Lost 35+ lbs in 3 Months!


In December 2013, I came to prime studio close to 200 pounds . I met Jesse and Cait and they put together a plan that worked for me. After 3 months I lost 35 pounds and reached my goal of 165 pounds. Not to mention I feel so much better!

I would highly recommend Jesse, Cait and the Prime Team. I have worked with many trainers the past and they are seriously the best trainers in the business. I highly recommend Prime. Thank you for getting me back in shape!

- Deepak *


2 x/week Personal Training/Active Rehabilitation


Lost 35+ pounds in 3 months!
Have more energy and feel way better!

Sherry Found a Solution!


“I have been going to Brianne’s spin class at Prime for the past 8 months. I am amazed by the results so far. I have received so many compliments about my looks since I started spinning. I started off with two classes a week which later became 5-6 classes a week. Brianne is great at motivating everyone and she makes sure that you have a plan and stick to it. I have lost over 17 pounds since I started. The class is hard but really fun and energetic. I would have never thought that I would go to 53 spin classes in only 3 months!”

- Sherry *

Jehane Surpassed her Fitness Goals


“Thank-you isn’t enough to express my gratitude to Sheila, Jesse and all the trainers at Prime. Since I began training over 4 years ago, I have watched myself get fitter and  stronger than I has ever been. My Sun Run time improved every year from 57 minutes to under 47 minutes! I am proud to say that I am 52 years old but no one ever believes me! Thanks to your guidance, encouragement and support, I am in better shape now than I was in my 40’s! I look forward to my weekly training sessions because I always learn something new – another challenging exercise or useful nutritional information. Thanks for helping me surpass all my fitness goals!””

- Jehane *

David Ended 20 Years of Inactivity


“I went to Prime to get myself into shape after 20 years of inactivity.  I had just been denied my life insurance policy due to my health. The goal was to have a healthier heart and be able to go up and down stairs without feeling winded and hopefully qualify for the insurance policy the next year.  Sheila and Jesse have given me so much more.  I’ve dropped 20 pounds, I’m far more physically active, and  I no longer have the periodic low back pain that immobilized me once or twice a year. To top it off, my health results for the insurance company were much improved and I qualified that next year!  Thank you Prime!”

- David  *

Gordon lost over 20lbs!


Gordon Lost Over 20lbs!


“Six months ago I walked into Prime hoping for a program that would help me lose weight and  become motivated to get, and stay fit. I found that and so much more. The Prime team introduced me to personal  training and small group sessions that continue to be challenging and remain beneficial – no matter your fitness level.  I’ve lost over 20lbs pounds and inches and will continue with Prime for all my fitness goals. For a fitness professional that puts YOU first, give Prime a try. You will not be disappointed…. and Sheldon’s cute too.”

- Gordon *



3 x/week Personal Training


Lost 20+ pounds!

Catherine Lost 30lbs!


“Since starting at Prime 2 years ago, I have lost 30 pounds and gained the confidence and freedom to do just about anything I want athletically! When I turned 50, I was excited at the prospect of becoming an empty-nester with my husband, but embarrassed by how much I had let myself go. I went to Prime for help. Before I knew it, the weight was falling off and I was shopping for a new wardrobe! Thanks to everyone at Prime for helping me jump start my life!”

- Catherine *


3 x/week Personal Training


Lost 30 pounds!
Gained self confidence!