SHEILA TOWNSEND, BHK, Kinesiologist, Strength & Conditioning Coach



  • Body Transformation/ Weight loss

  • Active Rehabilitation

  • Strength Training

  • Core Training

  • Muscle Building


Training, weight lifting, basketball, any sports, and my puppy Sheldon.

Sheila has a Bachelor of Human Kinetics from UBC and over 10 years of training and coaching experience. She is an expert in weight loss training, is an IYCA Certified Youth Fitness Specialist and is certified in the Functional Movement Screen (FMS).

Sheila has a lifelong passion for athletics. She had an illustrious career for the UBC Thunderbird Basketball team from 2000-2005. In that time, she led the Thunderbirds to their first National Championship in 30 years, and was named an All-Canadian.
While at UBC, Sheila was selected to the Canadian National Basketball Team and represented Canada internationally for 5 years. She played basketball professionally in Australia, Germany, and the Czech Republic.

JESSE TUPPER, CSCS, Strength & Conditioning Coach, CrossFit Level 1 & 2 Trainer



  • Body Transformations
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Olympic lifting
  • Core Training
  • High intensity training


Olympic Weight lifting, basketball, football, hiking…anything active!

Jesse has over 10 years of training and coaching experience. He is an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), an IYCA Certified Youth Fitness Specialist, and a Certified Olympic Weightlifting Coach. Jesse also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from UBC.

Jesse loves to play sports and compete. He played receiver and defensive back for UBC from 1998-2004. Jesse then went on to play professionally for the Manchester Wolves of the Arena League 2 for the 2006 and 2007 seasons.

Jesse and Sheila co-founded Prime Strength + Conditioning in 2007 and opened their first training studio in 2009.

AARON HARGREAVES, CPT, Strength & Conditioning Coach, CrossFit Level 1 & 2 Trainer



  • Strength training
  • Youth Sport specific training
  • Weight loss and toning
  • High intensity training


Training, working out, and exercising is a mentality and a lifestyle! Making healthy choices throughout your day is the foundation for nourishing the body and mind! I believe your attitude towards fitness says a lot about who you are! No matter your fitness level or goals, putting in time and effort towards your training is the best investment you can make. Always strive to better yourself each and everyday, and be the best possible you!


Sports, training, movies, food and enjoying life!

COLE MCGRATH, BHK, Kinesiologist, Strength & Conditioning Coach



  • Strength training
  • Active rehabilitation
  • Sport specific training
  • Weight loss and toning
  • High intensity training


I believe exercise should be used as a sustainable, efficient and effective tool to help you feel better, look better and be able to enjoy your life more as you age. Whether that enjoyment means improving your golf or tennis game through improved strength and mobility or just being healthy and strong enough to keep up with your children or grandchildren.


I love playing almost any sport but some of my favorites include golf, badminton and hockey.

I also enjoy any activity that allows you to enjoy the outdoors like hiking and kayaking.



Specialty Areas:

  • Strength training

  • Athletic performance

  • Movement ability


Andrew enjoys being physically active through all walks of life. Most importantly, he loves sharing his passion for weight training with others. During his time away from the gym, Andrew loves to cook and explore new recipes. He also enjoys hiking; he is on his way to conquering every hike the north shore and the lower mainland has to offer. When you can't find Andrew cooking, hiking, or working, he is in the gym working out. He has a bachelor’s degree of Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia and is certified by the national strength and conditioning association as well as the coaching association of Canada. Andrew has enjoyed over ten years of high performance sports competition at the BC provincial and Canadian national level. In addition to his position at Prime, Andrew also works with varsity athletic teams at the UBC’s varsity weight room.


My purpose in life is to explore boundaries. In the gym, I am a large proponent of accountability whereby the hones for health is shared between client and trainer. I am responsible for myself and accountable for my actions. I work to explore physical boundaries and to inspire those around me. I look for areas of improvement and provide the best of my ability to help others realize improvements.

CHRIS KIM, BHK, Kinesiologist, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Youth Athlete Training

CK photo.jpg


  • Functional Strength Training

  • Movement and Postural Correction

  • Active Rehabilitation

  • Flexibility and Mobility

Training Philosophy

People say you are what you eat. I agree, but I also think you are what you do and how you move. 

The human body is an amazing machine fine tuned over millions of years to adapt and change in response to stimuli; be it good or bad. With time, you have the power to shape your body to become anything you want it to be (be it hyper-flexible like a yogi, graceful and dynamic like a dancer, or explosive like a football player). However, the body doesn't discriminate what behaviours to adapt to. You can waste this amazing potential by exposing yourself to negative behaviours like sitting all day...which will result in you becoming really good at sitting (at a huge cost)! Regardless of what behaviours you choose, one thing is for certain; you are what you do (and how you do it). With that in mind, my mission as your trainer is to:

  • Help you discover a love for health and fitness because health is your greatest resource! Being healthy will enable you to pursue and excel in other areas of your life, but it doesn't work the other way around. Health must come first.

  • Improve your movement quality by helping you develop a better connection between your mind and your body. Moving more and moving better will have a profoundly positive impact on the way you look, feel, and live!


Calisthenics, Gymnastics, Movement
All sports especially volleyball (beach/indoor), basketball, golf, football, soccer
Evolutionary Perspective of Health and the Paleo Lifestyle

ADAM CARROLL CPT, Certified Nutrition Coach, Strength & Conditioning Coach, FRC Mobility Specialist



  • Weight Loss

  • Muscle Gain

  • Nutrition Coaching

  • Athletic Performance

  • Contest Prep (Bodybuilding/Powerlifting)

  • Functional Strength Training

  • Functional Mobility

  • Kickboxing / Boxing

  • Grappling / Jiu Jitsu

Training Philosophy

As a kid, I was always very active; I played sports my entire life which eventually lead into becoming a competitive Jiu Jitsu player and Bodybuilder.

I have always loved to be active and compete to be the best, which is why I decided to move my focus from competitive sports to actually training and learning about the body. I became a personal trainer so that I could begin to spread my knowledge and love of health and fitness to others.

I love helping others reach their fitness and health goals, nothing makes me happier than to have the opportunity to work with individuals who are motivated and ready to make a change that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with those who are ready to make a change and enjoy the benefits of physical fitness. Together we’ll build a workout plan and set goals that are enjoyable and fun while still being beneficial and progressive toward improving your fitness and health. I only ask that you come ready and willing to work hard and give it your all.




  • Client care

  • Studio Operations and Team Management


Sara enjoys aiding in the development of teams, and establishing relationships with others.  

She is a Fashion Management (B, Des) graduate of Ryerson University, with an extensive background in recruitment and operations.

Sara brings years of client care experience to Prime, and aids in all client services at our studio.

Since joining the Prime Team, Sara has embraced new aspects of personal health and fitness, and hopes to expand her education in the field.

Sara is also an AGC with the North Vancouver Football Club, volunteers with the Hastings Baseball League, and in her spare time enjoys time with her husband and children.


“Fill your mind with good, and surround yourself with people who lift you up”  Lewis Howes