CHRIS KIM, BHK, Kinesiologist, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Youth Athlete Training

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  • Functional Strength Training

  • Movement and Postural Correction

  • Active Rehabilitation

  • Flexibility and Mobility

Training Philosophy

People say you are what you eat. I agree, but I also think you are what you do and how you move. 

The human body is an amazing machine fine tuned over millions of years to adapt and change in response to stimuli; be it good or bad. With time, you have the power to shape your body to become anything you want it to be (be it hyper-flexible like a yogi, graceful and dynamic like a dancer, or explosive like a football player). However, the body doesn't discriminate what behaviours to adapt to. You can waste this amazing potential by exposing yourself to negative behaviours like sitting all day...which will result in you becoming really good at sitting (at a huge cost)! Regardless of what behaviours you choose, one thing is for certain; you are what you do (and how you do it). With that in mind, my mission as your trainer is to:

  • Help you discover a love for health and fitness because health is your greatest resource! Being healthy will enable you to pursue and excel in other areas of your life, but it doesn't work the other way around. Health must come first.

  • Improve your movement quality by helping you develop a better connection between your mind and your body. Moving more and moving better will have a profoundly positive impact on the way you look, feel, and live!


Calisthenics, Gymnastics, Movement
All sports especially volleyball (beach/indoor), basketball, golf, football, soccer
Evolutionary Perspective of Health and the Paleo Lifestyle