Melanie Portal, MKin, BHK, Kinesiologist, Strength & Conditioning Coach



  • Active Rehabilitation and Pain Management 
  • Strength training 
  • Conditioning and Weight Loss
  • Sport Specific Training

Training Philosophy

My training philosophy is founded on optimizing one’s individual strengths and leading by example. I've always admired those that walk the walk and are willing to put in the time and effort to help, guide and inspire others. So my primary goal is to try and lead by example, through my own lifestyle choices as well as provide quality time and effective guidance during my sessions. Helping people recognize and achieve their own potential is incredibly rewarding.


When I'm not playing soccer, planning my next adventure/ trip, drinking tea, trail running with my pup or thinking of what delicious meal to cook or consume next, I'm working, learning and training. Continuing education is important to me so each year I try to take a variety of courses or seek out mentorship to keep me up to speed on the ever changing health, fitness and rehabilitation world.